Of the comprehensive Avant attachment range with more than 190 attachments, almost 100 attachments can be mounted on 200 series. The new 200 series 2 is equipped with the same attachment coupling system as the bigger Avants. And the hydraulic hoses of the attachment are coupled with the multi connector, which guarantees easy connecting with a single hand movement – in all conditions.

AVANT attachments have been designed to work as an equal partner on AVANT loaders, following these principles:


Best machine-attachment combination can only be achieved when a good basic machine is fitted with attachments that are specifically designed for this machine. The dimensions, auxiliary hydraulics output and other features of AVANT are in perfect balance with the attachments.


Work efficiency of the attachments is of great importance. AVANT attachments have been designed to give maximum output with the combination loader-attachment.


Attachments are designed for hard, continuous professional work.


Special attention has been paid to safety features in attachment design.


Avant loaders and attachments have been designed for year-round use. The technical solutions in the loaders and different options like cabs, LED work light kits etc. are designed as well for sub zero temperatures as for summer heat. This makes Avant a very versatile machine for all four seasons. The comprehensive range of attachments will ensure that the machine is not standing without use a large part of the year – instead there is a lot of work for the Avant all year round.


Compact loader does not always mean low in power. Compared to other same sized articulated loaders, Avant has significantly smaller outer dimensions. This enables excellent visibility from the machine and working in tight spaces. In the rear of this compact loader You really feel that you are on control of the attachment and your working conditions.



Light machine combined with articulation enables driving on sensitive ground without harming it. This saves a lot of time because You wont have to repair damages after Your work is done. It also enables use of the loader as an effective lawn mover.